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Our small zipper pouch coin purse is another great item where you can display your personality.

This little bag is so attractive and perfect for many uses, including storing your loose change, cards and cash!
With stunning designs in our collection you can choose from a beautiful color combo to an elegant look!

It is also great to put your lip glosses, keys, gadgets or other small things that you want to keep organized within your handbag.

Size is 5x3in (12.7 x 7.6cm) approximately and foam cushioned lining with zipper for extra protection.

Customization Info (when available):

On the name option we can add any name.
On the letter option we can add any letter.
We will use the same font as in the sample.

Please send us your desired name or initial when you order.

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Check out our African design selection with the very best in unique designs of black heritage. Our designs will cover African American, Afro Brazilian, Tribal African cultures among others.  Great for Juneteenth and Heritage Months celebrations.

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