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Fabric Square
Hardboard Square
MDF Wood Square
Sandstone Square
Pattern - set of 4

Our drink coasters help protect surfaces and add a unique touch to any space.
Great for house warming gifts, parties, offices, home decor, and more!
Available in different materials and designs.
Get them individually or save by getting a set.

Personalization Info:

When personalization is available and you need different initials and name on each coaster, please note that the set price does not apply.
If you need all coasters with the same name or initial you can choose the set price and send us the information you will need the customization.
The font used is the one on the picture.

Materials, Sizes and Specs:

Sandstone Car Coaster
– It will keep your cup holder dry as it will absorb the moisture from your drink.
– Sold in sets of 2.
– Size is 2.64in (6.7cm) round with divot that makes removal easy.
– Please make sure to measure your cup holder to check if the coaster fits.

Sandstone Coaster
– Made of a white sandstone material to achieve high detail and vivid colors.
– Absorbs the moist from your drink.
– The back is made with cork to prevent sliding.
– Round : 3.5in (8.9cm)
– Square : 4.25in (10.8cm)

– Made of a glossy polyester-coated MDF hardboard, giving the maximum detail, richer color and a smoother look.
– The back is made with cork to prevent sliding.
– Square : 4in (10.16cm)
– Round : 3.75in (9.5cm)
– Thickness : 0.125in (3mm)

– Made from strong hardboard and finished with a semi-gloss coating which enable rich colors to be printed on them.
– Square : 3.54in (9cm)
– Round : 3.54in (9cm)
– Thickness : 0.125in (3mm)

– Made with high quality Neoprene and non-skid black rubber on the back that will withstand wear and tear.
– Round : 3.5in (8.9cm)
– Square : 3.5in (8.9cm)
– Thickness : 0.2in (5mm)

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