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Choose an option
Choose an option
Clear Horizontal Glossy
Clear Horizontal Matte
White Horizontal Glossy
White Horizontal Matte 
Choose an option
Choose an option
0.7X0.5in (1.77X1.27cm) Set of 4
1.05X0.75in (2.66X1.90cm) Set of 4
1.4X1in (3.55X2.54cm) Set of 2
11.2X8in (28.44X20.32cm)
12.6X9in (32X22.86cm)
14X10in (35.56X25.40cm)
16.8X12in (42.67X30.48cm)
19.6X14in (49.78X35.56cm)
2.1X1.5in (5.33X2.81cm) Set of 2
2.8X2in (7.11X5.08cm)
22.4X16in (56.89X40.64cm)
25.2X18in (64X45.72cm)
3.5X2.5in (8.89X6.35cm)
4.2X3in (10.66X7.62cm)
5.6X4in (14.22X10.16cm)
7X5in (17.78X12.7cm)
8.4X6in (21.33X15.24cm)
9.8X7in (24.89X17.78cm)

These vinyl sticker sheets will help you decorate anything!
You can apply them to any smooth area.

Uses include:

Hobby and Crafts : Planners, scrapbooks, DIY projects.
Party decorations, temporary clothing decorations such as onesies and kids shirts.
Great for laptops, cars, bikes, motorcycles, windows, notebooks.

Water resistant and weather proof and removable.
Flexible for concave areas.

Please note that “white stickers” have a white background on the images, so your final product will look exactly like in the picture.
And “clear stickers” are transparent so you will be able to see thru the image if you apply to transparent surfaces.
The white color on the design will also become transparent since our equipment does not print white.
In case of any doubts, please feel free to send us a message and we will gladly assist you.
Due to monitor/calibrations, colors may vary slightly from the pictures.

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